An unforgetble experience

From now on you will be able to experience a different Lisbon, in a more exclusive and inspiring way: come and stay in the same apartment where the great poet Fernando Pessoa lived. Here, in the same environment, he lived, wrote and dreamed. Through the same windows he saw the Lisbon of the beginning of the century passing by.


It is this experience that we invite you to live now.

The Apartment

This spacious apartment of 120 square meters, is localized on the 2º floor of an old building from 1857. The structure of the apartment is all original and the space has been carefully decorated, creating a very cozy and charming environment. There are 2 bedrooms with air conditioning, 1 living room and 1 dining room, 1 bathroom and a kitchen decorated with rare Portuguese tiles “azulejos” from the end of the 19th century. The apartment also has a comfortable reading corner.


The location is also a very high point: rua de São Bento, nº 17 ( previous nº 19 ) - historic center of Lisbon . Just 10 minutes walk to Bairro Alto and Chiado, next to supermarkets, bakeries, bookstores, museums and restaurants and with transport passing at the door of the house, including the emblematic 28, - the same electric that Fernando Pessoa used to catch, and which operates until today interconnecting the entire old city.

Fernando Pessoa and this apartment

The period in which Fernando Pessoa lived in this apartment (1905 - 1906) is extremely important in his life, since it marks his reunion with Portugal after 9 years living in Durban - South Africa, with his mother, brothers and stepfather who had been transferred. In 1905, Pessoa returned alone to Lisbon aboard the Herzog to attend the Superior Course of Letters, planning to live with his mother's sister, Aunt Anica, in Rua de São Bento nº 17, at the second floor left door- exactly in this same apartment which we are pleased to welcome you.

António Cardiello– Fernando Pessoa’s Researcher

The intellectual formation of Fernando Pessoa reaches a turning point between 1905 and 1906, coinciding with the emergence of proto-heteronyms Charles Robert Anon and Alexander Search. Those are the years in which the writer attends the then called Superior Course of Letters in the University of Lisbon. During this phase of study and research of a more academic nature, it was possible to establish the first dense and extensive interactions with various authors, lines or currents of universal thought.

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Fabrizio Boscaglia– Fernando Pessoa’s Researcher

From 1905 to 1906 Pessoa was still a young writer and student attending the Superior Course of Letters at the University of Lisbon, spending the days between aunt Anica's house, where he lived in R. São Bento, the National Library of Lisbon and the houses of his poet friends, like Henrique Rosa, who lived in the Príncipe Real. These are important years in the intellectual and poetic formation of Pessoa, who in this part of Lisbon - between São Bento and Príncipe Real - began to become aware of his destiny as a literary genius. This part of the city is indelibly marked by its presence. Furthermore, this is one of the most fascinating and authentic areas of Lisbon.

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Original manuscripts of Fernando Pessoa from the period in which he lived in Rua de São Bento, 17
*All manuscripts found here are reproductions of material found on the internet of the public copy of Fernando Pessoa's estate housed in the National Library of Portugal.
Exclusive ItinerariesLearn about the life and work of Fernando Pessoa with the most respected Fernando Pessoa’s experts.

Have you ever thought about having a coffee while discussing the work of Fernando Pessoa? Or, who knows, to schedule exclusive colloquiums and personalized tours through the Lisbon of Fernando Pessoa? Enjoy your stay and live this experience. Here you will interact with renowned researchers, who will guide you through the fascinating universe of Fernando Pessoa. An exclusive experience for guests of "Rua de São Bento, 17".

*Important to make the bookings in advance
Tours around Lisbon of Fernando Pessoa guided by Fabrizio Boscaglia *

Time: 2h

Meeting point: Rua de São Bento, 17.

Price: 50 € (1-2 persons) - 100 € (3-4 persons)



A unique walking tour in search of places, streets, houses and the most intimate literary contexts, beloved by Fernando Pessoa. The guide, a university specialist in Fernando Pessoa, will get you directly at the door of of R. São Bento 17 in order to show you all the "secrets" of the street related to Pessoa itself, the neighborhood and this part of Lisbon and, in the end of the walk, he will leave you again at the door of the house. An unforgettable experience, driven by who knows best.


Who is Fabrizio Boscaglia:


Fabrízio Boscalia holds a PhD in Philosophy from the University of Lisbon and is a member of the Philosophy Center at the University of Lisbon. He develops research on Islamic culture in Portuguese literature and thought, especially in the work of Fernando Pessoa. He participated in the scanning project of the private library of Fernando Pessoa. He has collaborated as a lecturer at the University of Lisbon and at the Lusófona University. He is a lecturer and author of publications in Portugal and abroad. He is a coordinator of the touristic-cultural project "Lisbon with Fernando Pessoa".

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At the time of booking, it is necessary to indicate that it is the tour "Rua de São Bento 17"
Exclusive colloquium about Live & Work of Fernando Pessoa by Antonio Cardiello

Time: 2h
Meeting point: Rua de São Bento, 17.

Price: 50 € (1-2 persons) - 100 € (3-4 persons)



This is an excellent opportunity to know more about Fernando Pessoa in a completely different way. Antonio's proposal is to have a light and casual conversation, which can either be about specific themes of Pessoa's work or a general introduction about the life and work of the great poet, you choose. The conversation can happen in the apartment itself (Rua de São Bento, 17 - 2º esquerdo), or somewhere else, in a place to combine. Welcome to the fascinating universe of Fernando Pessoa!


Who is Antonio Cardiello:


Antonio Cardiello holds a PhD in philosophy from the Faculty of Letters of the University of Lisbon. He is a member of the Center for Philosophy (CFUL) of the same institute and member of the Nietzsche International Lab (NIL) of the Institute of Philosophy of the New University of Lisbon (IFILNOVA). As a Co-director of the Fernando Pessoa Library scanning project (online since 2010), he edited Uma Stirpe incognita (EDB Edizioni, 2016) and co-edited A Biblioteca particular de Fernando Pessoa (D. Quixote, 2010) and Nietzsche e Pessoa. Ensaios (Tinta-da-china, 2016). Fernando Pessoa’s international exhibitions commissioner, he is also interested in contemporary Portuguese thought and the approximation of Western and Eastern philosophical traditions.

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